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5 Ways to Streamline Your Restaurant Reservation Process and Never Have a Walk Out Again

By Jamie Bueman

Streamlining your reservation process can boost your guest count, increase your revenue, and ensure you never have a walkout again. Here are five ways a restaurant reservation app such as Seatninja can streamline your restaurant’s reservation process, resulting in a more popular and enjoyable dining experience for your guests and increased revenue for your restaurateur.

Minimize Table Waste

Proper reservation management and planning can have a huge effect on minimizing table waste. With Seatninja’s analytics and front of the house management software, restaurateurs can quickly and easily identify wasted tables. This maximizes bookings for both the restaurant and the diner, resulting in more seated diners and less wasted table space. Additionally, Seatninja restaurant reservation app provides restaurants with the ability to control online reservations within the parameters of table availability, arrival times and server capacity ensuring guests are seated promptly, preventing customer walkouts.

Make Reservation Booking Easier

One of the major ways Seatninja streamlines your reservation process and prevents walkouts is by making the reservation process easier on both the restaurant and the guest. Taking reservations manually comes with many problems for a restaurant, the first being increased costs for the restaurant by having to ensure enough personnel to constantly man a phoneline. Human error is another problem encountered with manual reservation taking, often resulting in errors to party size, reservation times, or special dining requests. Finally, it is impossible for a restaurant to offer a 24/7 manual reservation service – unless they intend to pay someone to man a phoneline 24 hours a day; this is unrealistic and not cost effective. However, failing to provide a 24/7 reservation service minimizes their availability to take reservations when diners want to book them. A reservation and restaurant management app such as Seatninja solves all these problems and makes reservation booking easier on both the restaurant and the guest, maximizing both reservations and revenue.

Stay Informed

Another aspect of streamlining the reservation process and preventing restaurant walkouts is staying informed. With digitized information from a platform such as Seatninja, restaurateurs and restaurant managers have a plethora of information at their fingertips about the day to day operations of their restaurant. This allows for detailed management reporting, remote access and monitoring, and daily customer feedback. When all the tools and analytics of Seatninja are properly utilized, restaurateurs have all the information they need to ensure their tablespace is being maximized, guests are seated promptly, food is timed correctly and served hot, and food supplies remain fresh and inadequate supply. Seatninja takes the guessing out of managing, making everything you do more efficient and cost-effective.

Improve Guest Interaction

Interacting with your restaurant from the very start of their experience with you is one of the most important aspects to getting repeat customers. Seatninja provides you with the tools to interact with your guests about table availability and desired dining times during the booking process. Additionally, by tracking your guests and their reservations you can easily locate repeat customers, VIP guests, special event guests, and special accommodation requests. Coupled with automatic reservation confirmations and updates to their booking details, Seatninja provides your restaurant with a professional experience from the very second they begin their booking with you. This results in repeat guests and fewer walkouts, leaving your restaurant with a good repute and maximized revenue.

Keeping Up with Technology

Finally, there is no better way to ensure you maximize the capabilities of your restaurant than by utilizing current technology and automation where you can. With a full restaurant management software such as Seatninja, you can provide your diners with a comprehensive, user-friendly, modern reservation system. And with additional features that aid in personnel scheduling, supply ordering, human resources, employee management, kitchen oversight, and many others, a one-stop-shop system such as Seatninja boosts your profits by minimizing your overhead in the day to day management functions.

With their error-proof reservation and restaurant management platform, and their recent approval by Google to provide reservations on Google Maps, we truly believe that Seatninja is the most comprehensive, modern, and guest friendly restaurant reservation system on the market today. Seatninja works for every restaurant that uses it, optimizing their reservations and their profits while also making their day to day management activities more efficient and easier. Contact us today to see how Seatninja can work for you!